What is a Hybrid event using MeetMax?

Hybrid Conference have some Attendees physically onsite, and others participating remotely.

It sounds easy. MeetMax is great for Virtual events, and is excellent for physical events - so Hybrids are not a problem?

Yes..but there are a few things you will need to think about.

  • Health & Safety - this will be a big issue thoughout 2021.
  • Sessions - streaming onsite Presenters to remote Viewers, and displaying remote Presenters in the room.
  • 1x1 Meetings - keeping careful track of which are onsite, and which remote, with the flexibility to switch.
  • Tracking, measurement, leads and reporting - combining the data for remote and onsite participation into unified reports.
  • Sponsor / Exhibitor "booths" - a Virtual booth to attract remote Attendees.

See what we mean.

MeetMax is UNIQUELY positioned
for Hybrid Events

Hybrid events draw upon 17 years of software and registration for live events and all that we have learned from producing 500+ Virtual events in 2020.

  • In-room AV and Virtual Webinar Production becomes merged. Very few AV services understand webcasting and few virtual session producers know onsite AV.
  • 1x1 Schedules carefully assigned - MeetMax has 17+ years experience and over 100,000 virtual 1x1 produced in 2020.
  • Hybrid Participation Reports must be combined. MeetMax tracks all activity of Remote Attendees and tracks onsite activity with RFID enabled badges.
  • Health and Safety are an issue for the short term - and our PlanetAV group has all you need.

Take a look below. MeetMax Companies can do all of these aspects in-house and manage all coordination. When choosing vendors for Hybrid events, its important to ask yourself:
- "Can they really handle merging Onsite with Virtual?"

If not, a lot will fall between the cracks for you to manage.

Key Aspects of a Hybrid Event

Health & Safety

  • This will dominate the short term throughout 2021. Make a plan well ahead of time for hygiene and social distancing. Be SEEN to be taking action.
  • Hygiene: Disinfectant foggers for surfaces, easy-to-clean chairs for rooms, Hepa filters for air particle containment, UV lights and ozone generators for extra precautions.
  • Social Distancing: Set up and oversee attendee movement rules

Session Production

  • Prepare to be flexible - ready for all-live, all-remote or a combo of presenters. Be ready for late changes in presenter status.
  • PlanetAV Unicart - creates a blended In-room and Remote Experience - allowing for remote/onsite presenters and remote/onsite viewers.
  • A high-quality consistent experience for all participants in every session, at every event.

1x1 Meetings

  • All-onsite are easy; all-remote are easy. Combination meetings require more care.
  • Common area where Attendees can go to conduct their meeting?
  • MeetMax Concierge Service can supervise your hybrid meetings.
  • Bandwidth, bandwidth, bandwidth - be sure the facility can provide it.

Tracking and Reporting

  • Tracking and Reporting have improved under Virtual events. MeetMax shows a full record of logins by day, exact Webinar attendance in real time, and 1x1 Attendance combined with Concierge.
  • For physical events, RFID can be used to track event attendance, presentations and meetings onsite - all appearing in MeetMax.
  • Combine with tracking of remote participants and you get a complete picture in one place.

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